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Runtur in Reykjavik – A Crazy Night Under the Midnight Sun


It was Saturday. We were two Canadians, one German, one French, one Italian, and one Icelander. We’ve met a day before in a Bed and Breakfast. It was 11pm and it was sunny, we were ready for the Runtur in Reykjavik.

One thing is sure: Icelanders know how to party! We began our Runtur at 11pm and we came back to our room at 4am. At this time, the streets were still full of people! And you know what’s weird? Normally, we don’t clearly see drunk people, because it’s dark… well, not in Iceland in summer! And I must say that I now realize why we mostly get drunk at night.

Dillon Whiskey Bar

We began our night at this alternative rock bar. Oh you won’t hear Rihanna there! It was pretty early for the runtur so we started drinking and talking but even if you don’t seek the party in Reykjavik, the party will find you!

The man sitting at a table beside us asked us to do arm wrestling. What?! We didn’t have a chance to win against these men, but they paid us a drink. Fair enough, folks. Fair enough.

I don’t know if this was the Viking rockers way of pick-up line, but it sure made its impression.

Reykjavik Runtur, a celebration in icelandic bars

Picture from Unsplash

Lebowski Bar

Runtur wouldn’t be a runtur if you stay at the same bar all night. We wanted to dance so we went to Lebowski Bar. If you enjoyed the movie, it’s your chance to be a part of The Dude’s world. So, grab a White Russian drink and dance on 50’s songs!

As if that bar wasn’t entertaining enough, a cute Icelandic girls came to dance with us and did a split on the dance floor. Because why not, it’s runtur.


If you do the runtur during the summer, there’ll be almost as many tourists than Icelanders, but, we found were the local’s favorite: Kaffibarinn!

A pub where there’s quite often music shows. There was no show that night, but trying to catch conversations in Icelandic when you’ve already drank 4 Danish Apple ciders can be just as much fun. If you want to live like a local, definitely go there!

Bar in Reykjavik

Picture from Unsplash

Faktory (Closed)

Nooooo!!! I just heard that the Faktory is now closed in Reykjavik.

Do I still talk to you about this place? Okay, why not, just for the story’s sake.

So, we ended up in this very crowded Club where you feel like you’re in the party in an American teen movie: People kissing in dark corners, very drunk people…and people dressed like clowns.

I am aware that clowns were probably not there every night, but this is the image I keep from Faktory. RIP Faktory. I’ll miss you, you and your dancing clowns.

What are the best bars to celebrate the runtur in Reykjavik? What are the bar rules? I tell you everything #Reykjavik #Iceland #Beers #Bars #Nightlife

Reykjavik bar rules

  • There’s rarely a cover charge unless there’s a show or a special event. Drinking in Reykjavik can be expensive, try to avoid places with cover charge if you still want to have money to pay your flight to come back (But I would totally understand if you want to stay there).
  • On week-ends, bars close around 4am.
  • Legal age to drink is 20, but some bars impose 21.
  • You can bring your drink out from a bar and drink in on the streets, but you’ll have to finish it before entering a new bar.
  • There’s no dress code, you can enter in a bar wearing hiking clothes, but you WILL look like a tourist. Most people dressed up a little to go out.

It’s 4am and you’re hungry? This post should help you get something greasy to eat before going to bed. …Too bad we cannot say to hurry up to go to bed before the sun comes up, because, just as you, it never went down.

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  • Reply Neysha Bauer 24 janvier 2015 at 10 h 24 min

    I am DYING to go to Iceland! All of these things look so fun and right up my alley… the people dressed up as clowns made me laugh out loud for real ^_^

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 24 janvier 2015 at 20 h 27 min

      Iceland is one of my favorite destination so far. I highly recommend it! It is also perfect for a solo female traveller: super safe!

  • Reply Aulia 15 mars 2015 at 23 h 42 min

    This sounds awesome. Iceland is one of those dream destinations for me that I hope to do in the near future. I am planning on spendig time working in Dublin for a while in the next month or so, which seems like the perfect time to visit Iceland. Enjoy your time.John recently posted..

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