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A Short Love Story (Involving Sheep)

Because it’s Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I should add some romanticism to this blog. And, when I think about a love story, I immediately think about sheep.

Let me explain….

Have you noticed all the sheep in Iceland? There's romantic stories you should know about it. I found it so cute when an Icelandic told me. #Iceland #Islande #Sheep #Travel #Backpacking #Roadtrip

When I was in Iceland, I talked with an old Icelander man and I told him how impressed I was by the number of wild sheep there was in Iceland! I mean… you go on a trek for three hours in a mountain, and then you encounter a sheep. You drive two minutes outside Reykjavik, and you see sheep. There are freaking sheep everywhere in the country!

Icelandic landscape with sheeps

The man look at me and laughed!

– There’s no wild sheep in Iceland! Every sheep belongs to somebody.

– Really? How come they are everywhere, free?

“Because, when it’s spring, we set them free so they can eat grass everywhere in the country as wild animal. In September, it’s the Sheep Round-up. Groups of farmers and Icelanders, and pretty much everybody who want to help, round-up sheep and sort them to bring them back to their owner. Every sheep has an identification in its ear. There’s no wild sheep.

Traditionally, that’s how people met their loved one.”

Isn’t it a great love story, uh?

If you want to take part, there are some companies offering tours. I didn’t personally try them, but here’s one: Extreme Iceland.

Now, if you’re into role play and things like that, who is playing the sheep and who’s playing the farmer is really none of my business… ;)

Planning a trip to Iceland?

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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9 Commentaires

  • Reply Patricia Pecnerova 8 février 2015 at 14 h 04 min

    Wow, I really liked the story! And it is romantic indeed. The picture looks like from a romantic movie :)

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 9 février 2015 at 9 h 07 min

      Thanks! Iceland do looks like a romantic movie (or sometimes like Mordor… it depends… ahah!)

  • Reply Erin 8 février 2015 at 18 h 57 min

    Love the title of this post. It caught my eye right away. Iceland has been on my “to travel to” list for a long time. I definitely wouldn’t mind being there in September, rounding up a few sheep, and finding an Icelandic love. I hope he sings like Jonsi of Sigur Ros.

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 9 février 2015 at 9 h 18 min

      I always prefer to travel off-season when I can. I think Iceland must be great in September, not too cold yet. I like how Icelandic language sounds like elves! Ahah!

  • Reply Sonja @ Breadcrumbs Guide 9 février 2015 at 8 h 15 min

    Cute story! Now the real question is, do the sheep meet their loved ones during their springtime adventures?

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 9 février 2015 at 9 h 19 min

      AHAHAHAH! …oh no… and then they are separate when they return in their families. It’s like Romeo and Juliet for sheep. Tragic. Ahaha!

  • Reply Jordan 15 mars 2015 at 10 h 34 min

    I went to Reykjavik last year and it was awesome! My frneid that I went with has been back 4 times since we went in October 2009. Out of 7 countries Iceland is the frneidliest country that I’ve visited so far. The bars are open until 6am on Fri and Sat nights and they are a lot of fun. Also, there is the Blue Lagoon to relax during the day. If you go during the winter, it is the best place to see the northern lights. During the summer you can see the geysers, waterfalls and also the place where the north american continent meets the european continent. Iceland is actually on both continental shelves.If you are looking for a tour, email this person (pronounced yon )If you have some extra money to spend, try Fish Market. The cost is about $120 US dollars per person but it’s one of the best restaurants that I’ve been to. I would compare the experience to Nobu in NYC. Try to stay in the center of the city. I stayed at the HIlton when I went and we had to take taxi’s everywhere.I can’t stress enough how nice and helpful the people are there. Great Country!!!

  • Reply Tara Salmon 11 août 2022 at 15 h 16 min

    We just returned from Iceland. Fabulous experience. We were amazing by the number of sheep . . . primarily in groups of three (of course). Maybe a strange question . . . where are the rams?

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