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Playlist For a Road Trip in Iceland


A good playlist is so important during a road trip! I like to choose music that fit landscapes.

For the supernatural beauty of Iceland, I prepared a mixtape with Icelandic musicians we already know, some new bands I discovered, and a few of my favorite bands.

This playlist will be your perfect co-pilot on the Route 1!

1. Sigur Ross – Lúppulagið

This band is one of the most internationally known band from Reykjavík. A mix of classical and minimalist music perfect to go with a look at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

2. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Bombay Bicycle Club Remix)

Of Monster and man is an indie folk band from Iceland. This remix brings a new way of listening to this top 10 song of 2013. On the way to the north to Akureyri, you’ll enjoy the road listening to this.

3. Emiliana Torrini – Big Jumps

Don’t you think this song is just perfect to wake up in your camping car beside the Skógar waterfall?

4. Apparat Organ Quartet – Romantika

This band form of one drummer and organists comes from Reykjavík, but I’d say this robot music makes a match with the Mars looking landscapes of  Mývatn.

5. Eberg – Love Your Bum

I’d totally listen to that band while driving the winding roads of Iceland’s fjords.

6. Hafdís Huld – Queen Bee

Another camping song from an Icelandic singer! Okay, for me acoustic guitar is synonym of camping. I can’t help it.

Here's a playlist to listen to during your road trip in Iceland. A mix of local artists, internationally known singers, new bands. Only good sounds and vibes! #playlist #roadtrip #Iceland #Travel #Islande #Backpackers

7. Björk – All is Full of Love

She doesn’t need a presentation.

In Iceland, you can find her music everywhere. You can even buy her cds in convenience stores! Personally, I liked to listen to this song while looking at volcanic landscapes near Blue Lagoon.

8. Mugison – Þjóðarsálin

Why not listen to this Icelandic singer while drinking a Viking in a Reykjavík pub?

9. Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

Okay, I include a band from Montreal, but man this song must be added to any road trip playlist!

10. ___________?

You tell me! What would you put on your road trip playlist to Iceland?

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