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Los Angeles is Disney World on Crack


Let’s hope I won’t be pursued by Disney for this title…

To be honest, I hated Los Angeles at first sight. It’s like a trash Disney World wanting you to get addicted to entertainment by pushing lights and sounds in your veins. I wanted to go back home, and this NEVER happens when I’m travelling. Now, more than a month after my return, I think I get something about this town and I even think it had taught me something about self-love and creativity.

I think I might even like it (sort of).

About feeling inappropriate

Los Angeles is chaos. It’s like there is no rule.

When we drove through Beverly Hills, I sat in the car in my very ordinary cheap clothes feeling totally inappropriate in the crowd of well-dressed fancy people. Between a golden chrome Lamborghini and a skinny model with a Chanel purse that worth 120 000US$, I felt like it was not my place to be. I mean…120KUS$! What do you put into it? The last baby panda endangered wearing a diamond collar?

When we walked on Hollywood Blvd, people were so out-of-the-box that I still felt inappropriate for being so straight. They dressed how they wanted, behaved how they wanted, pretended they were Superman and just did it. No question asked. You have an idea, you do it.

When we walked in Venice, I felt inappropriate for not jogging, or drinking green juice… or not being drunk at the beach at 11am. I felt like there was no place for an Annie in this town.

If there’s no rule…

But thinking about it…. if there’s no rule, then everything is right! You can be everything you want!

No need to fly to be Superman, no need to know how to sing to sing, no need to be a fitness coach to take care of yourself.

Los Angeles has taught me that it’s possible to connect with our true self and to just be. I wish I’d realize that while I was still there.

Hollywood in Los Angeles - Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

That’s why I like to travel and sometimes go to places I don’t like at first. Often, I just don’t look in the good direction.

Things I liked

I liked seeing the Ella Fitzgerald’s star.

Ella Fitzgerald Star on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

I liked the street art on Abbott Kinney.

Street Art on Abbott Kiney, Los Angeles

I liked my coffee at Blue Bottle  and the Urbanic Paper Boutique.

Urbanic Paper Boutique in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, I kinda liked some part of you.

But you still stink you know… and I tell you as a friend, before someone else notices.

Do you think the same about L.A.? Have you ever been to places you didn’t like at first sight?

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  • Reply a possible fantasy 20 novembre 2014 at 6 h 32 min

    it is a super-frenetic city, i guess… but i would love to go there, anyway :)

    i’m following you on bloglovin’ and twitter. hope you’ll look for me too. see you around!

  • Reply Annie Anywhere 24 novembre 2014 at 8 h 46 min

    Thanks for following me! Bloglovin’ is a fantastic way to find new blogs. I took a look at yours too. :)

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