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You know when you are looking for something and google just doesn’t want to show you what you need? Well this can also be very frustrating for new travel bloggers because, sometimes, we know what you are looking for, but we are not in the cool kids so we don’t appear in Google Search.

Well, just like in a Hollywood movie, I decided to create a new gang from newbie travel bloggers. We got our Team shirts, our water guns and a puppy as our mascot! So, you better be ready because there’s a new gang in town! Bam!

Okay… winter in Montreal makes me watched too many movies… Don’t do like me and, instead, take a look at these 15 New Travel Blogs that you should follow, they’re great! :)

1. Gallop Around The Globe

You’re planning a trip to Peru? Kiara is definitely your girl. From the well-known Cusco to small villages, she has a lot to teach you about this country. Passionate traveller, she also writes about Europe and South East Asia.

2. Progression of Happiness

Bethany is a 19-year-old full-time student and part-time traveler, and she shares her journey on Progression of Happiness. From a solo backpacking trip through China to moving to Italy for a summer, she lives a full life of travel on a student budget! Yes, a student budget, so what’s your excuse, eh?

3. Two Scots Abroad

Gemma and Craig are actually planning their one year-long trip to Americas, starting next March. One year of adventure and travel! Are you jealous? Because I am. In the meantime, read about their planning and past trips to Turkey, Thailand, and many other places.

4. Travelsuras

Neysha fell in love with travel when she was road tripping Central America with her parents. You can now follow her daily adventures through her blog. My favorite section? Self Discovery. I like to read her reflexion about travel and how it makes us evolve.

5. No Ordinary Nomad

Erin focus on adventure travel and affordable luxury. Right now, she is writing about her recent trek to Everest Base Camp. That’s what I call adventure! If you are crazy enough planning to do this trek, you’ll find a lot of information on this blog!

6. Breadcrumbs Guide

Breadcrumbs Guide is designed to help ordinary travelers see extraordinary places. Sonja do in-depth research before and during her trips, and then create an extensive guide for each destination, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for readers to follow. You’ll find great tips on Hawaii and Peru!

7. The Global Couple

Petra and Shaun are New Zealanders who like street food and road trips. They have a whole section about road trips! And you know how much I like it! Also, they can give you good advice on how to travel in couple without killing each other. You know, that thing I’m not really good at.


8. Anywhere at Home

Angel and Michelle are also a couple travelling together. On their side, they want to inspire people to get outdoors more, including people who may be worried to try an outdoor activity like camping or don’t know how to even start. (I’d say people like me who normally had a bad day at Yosemite.)

9. A Traveler’s Postcard

Paula will tell you stories of her traveling in ”the middle”… which means amazing destinations while not having to share a dorm room. Ahah! If you want to explore the world not like a rich, but not like a budget traveller, that blog is for you. She mainly talk about USA, but have also tips and stories on Europe and Central America.

10. MAD Travel Diaries

Marissa is a blogger from the little known country of Trinidad and Tobago. No, it’s not in Cuba, it’s a real country! She has been to a lot of countries, but I think reading her blog is also a good start to educate ourselves about T &T. Admit it, you never heard of Trinidad and Tobago. Did you?

11. Phyllis on the Map

Phyllis is an American girl studying abroad in China. She’s learning Mandarin and she’s an expert in East Asian Culture. If you are planning a trip to Asia, or are just curious about it, you definitely want to read her blog. She brings a fresh view on learning new languages.

12. Breathe With Us

Hugo and Cristina, a couple of expats, have been to many countries! If you are fascinated by my posts about Iceland, you should read theirs too! They mainly blog about Europe, but their posts about New Zealand or Jordan might surprise you!

13. The Go Fever

Catherine is a fellow French Canadian, like me, and she writes her travel stories in English, but sometimes in French too. She has a nice way with words and use more the storytelling approach to make you discover a destination. The best part? She has a “Travel Fails” section! Giggles. I’m sure you’ll recognize yourselves in some of her adventures.

14. Hanna Travels

This woman proves that women can go anywhere and do anything! She’s Polish and speaks Polish, English, German and Russian. Her blog is full of original destinations such as Armenia, Georgia, Slovenia and, of course, Poland. I’m hooked!

15. Lavi Was Here

Lavi has made the big step: she quit her desk job to travel the world full-time. She’s now an expat teaching English in Madrid. I must say, she’s a really good photographer too! You can read about Europe and Asia. Oh, and she’s got a post about Brazil with a very cool video! (Yay! My next destination!)

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  • Reply Matt Morris 19 janvier 2015 at 9 h 31 min

    This is a wonderful post Annie! Us small “start-up” blogs have to stick together :)

  • Reply Michelle 19 janvier 2015 at 11 h 43 min

    Thanks for sharing Annie! I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of the blogs on this list.

    Loving the new blog design as well!


  • Reply Hugo Cura 19 janvier 2015 at 14 h 49 min

    Thank you for sharing. Going through the other blogs right now.

  • Reply Erin | No Ordinary Nomad 19 janvier 2015 at 15 h 59 min

    Thanks so much for featuring me! Look forward to going through the rest of the list and discovering some great new travel blogs :)

  • Reply Paula Wheeler @ A Travelers Postcard 19 janvier 2015 at 16 h 46 min

    I’m honored to be featured :) Great round-up of new bloggers. On my way now to check the rest out….

  • Reply Lavi 19 janvier 2015 at 16 h 48 min

    Thanks for including me in this list, Annie! I love hearing about new travel blogs – can’t wait to check out the rest on this list and maybe catch up on the road sometime!

  • Reply MAD Travel Diaries 19 janvier 2015 at 22 h 51 min

    Oh what fun! Thanks for including me and I love my snippet description, you make me sound so exotic! And yes , more people need to discover my sweet T&T. Hope you come for Carnival sometime. Looking forward to checking out the other blogs too, what a great list! Happy Travels!

  • Reply Kelly @ Endlessly Exploring 20 janvier 2015 at 1 h 59 min

    Great list! I love to discover new travel blogs so I’m looking forward to having a read of those on this list! :)

  • Reply Introvertly Bubbly (@Introvertly_B) 20 janvier 2015 at 8 h 08 min

    Love this… Thanks for introducing me to new ones…

  • Reply Steve | Live Smart Not Hard 20 janvier 2015 at 11 h 31 min

    Some great sites! I’m excited to check them out!

  • Reply Annie Anywhere 20 janvier 2015 at 11 h 48 min

    Thanks all for the good words! Our New Bloggers gang is a cool gang. ;)

  • Reply Jennifer 20 janvier 2015 at 14 h 48 min

    Great list. Happy to see you included my favourite “newbie” at the Go Fever! ;)

  • Reply Ashlea Wheeler 20 janvier 2015 at 16 h 49 min

    Fantastic list, I’m already following most of these amazing bloggers!

  • Reply Christine | The Traveloguer 21 janvier 2015 at 2 h 58 min

    Great idea putting this list together! So many new blogs to check out! :)

  • Reply Phyllis 22 janvier 2015 at 10 h 45 min

    Thanks for the feature Annie! And I love the new layout and theme:)

  • Reply Nomad Revelations 31 janvier 2015 at 17 h 12 min

    Wow great blog list! sincerely.. I actually didn’t know most of them. greetings from Morocco!

  • Reply Sher 3 février 2015 at 8 h 51 min

    Very nice to see these blogs, I’m enjoying visiting them. Happy Travels, Sher

  • Reply Landon @ Uneven Sidewalks 7 février 2015 at 16 h 19 min

    Great list of new bloggers! I’ll be checking them out, good to meet others who are on the same playing field! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Charlie Chandra 30 avril 2018 at 0 h 37 min

    Thanks for sharing! It will really help users to figure out best sites for them to use. Keep Sharing and helping the community. Cheers!

  • Reply Cristina 30 juin 2018 at 9 h 08 min

    Though not all blogs are updating regularly. While some are no longer inactive. Still a useful list here! I would like to follow some of these blogs too.

  • Reply Andor Bundi 7 août 2018 at 19 h 54 min

    Just started to check your list through – it’s a good reference point for me as I also just started to write a travel blog. Thanks, saved to favorites!

  • Reply Hendrik 14 septembre 2018 at 6 h 57 min

    Some very cool and inspirational Blogs you have presented here! I like the diversity and uniqueness in so many of them. Always great to see how traveling is such personal experience…

    Cheers from Switzerland


  • Reply Derrick 19 mai 2019 at 2 h 54 min

    A cool list! As a fellow travel blogger, it’s nice to discover what else is out there!

  • Reply Natasha, Away From Origin 30 mai 2019 at 1 h 48 min

    This list may be from 2015, but it’s great to see some of the fellow bloggers out there. I’ll have to check each one of these bloggers out, so thanks for some extra reading material for those in-the-house days!

  • Reply Suggestmewhere 15 juin 2019 at 4 h 07 min

    A great post with lot of information. I wish to see myself in this post someday. Keep posting the good stuff.

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