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How to Survive All Inclusive Resorts – Tips For Adventurers


Okay, first world problem, maybe your idea of “surviving” isn’t related to the thought of an all inclusive resort by the beach. But, for us, adventurous backpackers, the idea to be stuck in a resort can be annoying. While we could venture in the countrt, we feel prisoners of the hotel resort.

I hear you say “Why do you go there then”? Well… you know… sometimes, siblings get married and we have to make good impression. Or, there’s an amazing deal and it’s all we can afford.

I’m certainly not a fan of resorts, but I know how to survive an all inclusive and make the most out of it.

I'm so grateful I had these tips during my last trip in an all-inclusive resort! Adventurers and backpackers, don't feel trapped in a resort on your next family vacation. #travel #familytravel #backpackers #backpacking #resorts

1. Get informed on the location of the resort

If you are lucky, you won’t be too far from the civilization. Before your arrival, get informed on the towns and villages nearby and how to get there. It’s not because you have everything you need (beach, food, alcohol) in the all inclusive that you cannot get out of it and explore.

Get information about the local transportation. A good tip? Don’t ask at the information desk, they’ll try to sell you organized activities. Ask the barman, the maid, the lifeguard… they’ll tell you how they get there with bus and cheap local transportation.

2. Hack the activity book

The tour operator with who you booked your trip always have a book of excursions or activities that you can add to your trip for an unrealistic price. Take that book, look at it, it will give you an idea of what you can do nearby, but DON’T BOOK. Instead, take a few minute to go on the internet, do a little Google search, and book directly with the local company for a third of the price for the exact same tour. Ta daaaa!

 3. Take this time off to learn something

If you’re like me, you may have trouble to take time off and do nothing. The idea of relaxing on a beach is very appealing… but I always get itchy feet after two days! Use this time to master a skill: surfing, diving, yoga, speaking Spanish, etc. Bring the books you need to study and practice as much as you can.

4. Take advantage of all inclusive deal

When looking for a sunny destination, don’t discard all inclusive from your research. It can really be at your advantage! This morning, I made a quick non-exhaustive research for a trip to La Habana, Cuba. Here’s the best price I found for a 7 days trip.

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All inclusive Comparison

See? Sometimes it is really at your advantage to book in an all inclusive resort and don’t use any of the things they offer except the plane ticket! Book with them to get a cheap flight, and when you’re at destination, go wherever you wanna go.

Attention: if you plan to do this, it is very important that you tell your intention to the resort, unless you want the touristic police to start looking for you. Also, make sure you can go out of the resort. Sometimes, special permissions are required for tourists to travel outside of all-inclusive resorts.

Do you enjoy all inclusive resorts? What are your best tips when you get itchy feet?


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  • Reply Landon @ Uneven Sidewalks 7 février 2015 at 16 h 15 min

    Haha! I know exactly what you mean! All-inclusive is just not my style. But it can be fun, I must admit. Great ideas to stay busy and still find an adventure! I’m sure my wife would love an all-inclusive anytime! Good to know that the prices can actually be a deal!

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