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14 Days Itinerary in Iceland – Part 2


Since my 14 days road trip in Iceland has been a success, I thought it would be fun to share my complete itinerary so you can use it as an inspiration. There were long days, long drives, some more relaxing days, but each one of these proved that Iceland is one of the most beautiful place on Earth.

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Day 8 – Mývatn

Oh, what a strange place is the region of Mývatn! All the weirdness of Icelandic nature concentrate around this lake. We passed the day driving around it, from site to site. You’ll never be bored in this region.

Must-see :

  • Hverir
  • Krafla volcano
  • Stora-Viti crater
  • Leirhnjúkur
  • Grjótagjá
  • Dimmuborgir

I wrote a complete post about the region: Myvatn: A Cheap Way to Go to Mars

Total Km for the day: 220 km

Total Km: 1330km

Myvatn, the region you don't want to miss in the North of Iceland


Day 9 -Húsavík & Akureyri

I highly recommend to go out of the Ring Road and take the 87 to Húsavík. As you already know if you follow my adventures around the world, I love everything about fish. In Húsavík, I had the most amazing whale watching tour ever! Humpback whales came so close to the boat, it was insane! I was like a kid in Disneyland!

You’ll see, there are a lot of companies offering tours. Price and quality are very similar so I’d say choose the company depending on people smiles at the front desk. :)

Lonely Planet Iceland Travel Guide

I always travel with a guidebook to help me plan my trip in advance, and find useful information of the road. For this trip, I traveled with the Lonely Planet Iceland Travel Guide and it was full of useful information. If you’re looking for a guide, that one cover all the regions.


To get more time to explore the second largest town (which is not very large anyway…) of Iceland, we hit the road again and passed the night at Akureyri campsite.

Total Km for the day: 150 km

Total Km: 1480km

Day 10 – Akureyri & Blönduós

Even if it’s the second largest town of Iceland, Akureyri is rather small. We concentrate on Art Museum and Art Galleries and doing laundry. Yeah, when road tripping for two weeks, that’s something you gotta do, you know.

Unless you need to rest or you want to play golf, I’d say half a day is enough in Akureyri. It is very small.

What did we do for the rest of the day then? Horseback riding in Blönduós!

Icelandic Horse

Did you know that Icelandic horses are so small that they would be considered poney everywhere else? I learnt that because of the mountains and the climate, these tiny horses are strong enough to be considered like that despite their size. For someone who doesn’t feel quite comfortable horseback riding, it’s perfect!

Total Km for the day: 145 km

Total Km: 1625km

Day 11 – Snaefellsnes peninsula

We cut off the West fjords for a matter of time and went directly to the extreme West of Iceland: the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Volcanic landscapes and strong waves breaking on the shore are impressive. Wind was so strong that we lost something each time we opened the van doors.

Our first stop was Stykkishólmur, a small fishing village that can be seen in the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it tonight! It shows Iceland beautifully, and it’s very inspiring!)

Stykkishólmur Iceland Itinerary

Our most memorable stop was the farmstead Bjarnarhöfn where you can taste the hákarl, which is… fermented Greenland shark meat. You think it sounds disgusting? I’m sorry to say it is. Let’s say it’s like biting on a very old strong juicy cheese which leaves an aftertaste of fish. Eww… I’m really sorry to all Icelanders who enjoy it. Normally, I’m so proud to discover traditional local food but, this time, I see it like a life experience.

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Hakral Iceland

We finally passed by Snaefellsjökull, the best known volcano of Iceland, where Jules Verne starts the Journey to the Center of the Earth. This area is supposed to have magical power, so keep your energy channels open! ;) Ahah!

We ended our day in Arnarstapi and had the most freezing windy horrible night! Our only temperature bad luck of the trip. Not that bad.

Total Km for the day: 300 km

Total Km: 1925km

14 days ITINERARY in Iceland

Day 12 – Reykjavik

Aaannd… we drove the final 200km back to Reykjavik! Woo! That was one hell of a road trip, a total of 2125km around this nordic paradise!

I must admit that after all this road we were exhausted. We spent the day at the pool and enjoyed the Perlan Cafeteria and all its vegetables, a very good budget friendly place!

At this point, you might also need a bit of comfort. Hotels in Reykjavik  has some deals for hotel rooms in town. Otherwise, Airbnb is always a good option, with tons of choices in Reykjavik.(Sign up to Airbnb with this link and get a $25 credit towards your first stay!)

Day 13 – Reykjavik

Final day to see what you hadn’t seen on your first stop to Reykjavik. Any museum left on the list? Restaurant you want to try?

Our 13th day was a Saturday, meaning: RUNTUR!

Icelanders know how to party! Basically, people go from bar to bar and get drunk. It doesn’t sound very original, but I must say the party vibe in this town deserve a full post!

Day 14 – Goodbye Iceland

They say every good thing comes to an end. Well, if I have the opportunity to stop in Iceland on my way from Canada to Europe, I will jump on it!

Any questions about this itinerary? Please ask in the comment below

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