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What to Pack For Iceland in Summer


Iceland can be a tricky country when comes the time to pack for your trip. Is it very cold? What’s the weather’s like in summer? Let me simplify your planning answering this question: What to pack for Iceland in Summer?

This list is made for a 14 Days road trip in Iceland in a camping car, but, if it’s not exactly what you’re planning, it’ll give you a good base anyway.

Planning your trip to Iceland? Take a look at my 14 Days Road Trip Itinerary in Camping Car


Even if it’s summer time in Iceland, it doesn’t mean it’s hot. While it’s not as cold as some may think, I can tell you that it’s absolutely not necessary to pack shorts. You’ll only wear pants. Temperature is around 10C-15C. Some places are very humid and windy, if you’re sensitive to cold, bring a winter hat, a scarf, and gloves. The scarf will be very handy if you visit Myvatn region, to protect you from the midge.

Despite the temperature, pools are part of the Icelandic culture, there’s always a pool, even in the very small village. Don’t go without your swimsuit!

There’s an expression in Iceland saying ”If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”! Be sure to bring layers and a raincoat no matter what the weather looks like. It always change during the day. I wouldn’t go back to Iceland without: A soft shell.

One last thing: Icelanders are party people! If you plan to do the Runtur, bring one party outfit, the funkiest’s the better!

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Beside your all-day shoes, bring hiking boots even if you’re not a big fan of hiking. Nature is at the center of a road trip in Iceland, you will have to walk outside the road if you really want to enjoy it. And, be sure to bring a pair of flip-flop to the pool.

Iceland Hiking boots


I think we should use eco-friendly products no matter where we are, but, if there’s a place where I think it’s even more important, it’s Iceland. People really do their best to protect the environment there, so please be a responsible traveller.

Medication & Pharmacy

You know more than me what medication you usually need, but one special thing I add to my bag for a summer trip to Iceland was Melatonin. I’m not a scientist but, basically, melatonin is a hormone naturally produce by the body when we are in the dark. It’s a kind of signal send by the body to tell us to go to sleep. Why bring that to Iceland during the summer? Because there’s no night! It’s always sunny even at 3am (I saw it after my runtur). So, it’s just a natural product to help you sleep with the light.

Iceland midnight sun

This picture of me was taken at midnight!

Gadget & Comfort

Beside a warm sleeping bag and a travel pillow, there are so many small things that we don’t usually pack but that you should bring to Iceland:

  • Thermos: Everything is expensive in Iceland. If you want to save on food, bring a Thermos to carry soup. It makes a good and cheap lunch.
  • Bottle for water and re-usable bags: As I said, being environmentally responsible in Iceland is very important. Be sure to produce the less trash you can while you are there.
  • Sleep Mask: Don’t forget! If you are in Iceland during summer, it’s light at night.
  • Car charger: Access to electricity is very rare in camping, you will have to rely on you car charger for your phone, computer and camera.
  • Fast-Dry Towel: It’s so humid in Iceland! Don’t even think of bringing a normal towel… it’ll stay wet from the first day until the end.


Nothing specific to Iceland here… Passport, ID, Flight tickets and reservations, cash and credit cards, itinerary and guide, insurance, driver’s license and, of course, a travel journal, because you’ll have a lot to say!

Lonely Planet Iceland Travel Guide

I always travel with a guidebook to help me plan my trip in advance, and find useful informations of the road. For this trip, I travelled with the Lonely Planet Iceland Travel Guide and it was full of useful information.





Here’s a printable packing list! How clever is that, eh?

And if you’re looking for hotels, take a look at Reykjavik Hotels. After days of camping, trust me, you’ll need a hot shower and a nice bed.


Iceland packing list

Happy packing everyone!… and yes, it’s ok to change your mind 5 times about what shirts you should take. We all do that… 

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13 Commentaires

  • Reply Jake Ryan 19 janvier 2015 at 7 h 47 min

    I’m currently sorting out my first trip to Iceland so glad you wrote this :D

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 20 janvier 2015 at 11 h 43 min

      Great! I’m always happy to help! Don’t be shy to send me a email if you have any questions about Iceland.

  • Reply Silvia Castillo 19 octobre 2015 at 8 h 00 min

    Great tips! Very grateful for sharing them. I am travelling to Iceland next months so your article is very useful for me. Best regards

  • Reply Caroline L 28 novembre 2015 at 16 h 05 min

    I’m actually going on vacation there for two weeks, so this blog post is perfect! One question, when you say bring 5 t-shirts, do you mean long sleeve or short sleeve? What was the weather like when you went?

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 29 novembre 2015 at 17 h 16 min

      Hi Caroline! You’ll have a great time in Iceland! Woot! I recommend to wear layers, as the weather changes quickly. I’d say 3 short sleeves, and 5 long sleeves. If you plan on doing laundry, you can bring less, but keep in mind that it’s very humid, so it can be long before your clothes are dry. I was in Iceland in June and it was around 10 degrees. Don’t bring any shorts, that’s useless. The weather keeps changing during the day. It can be cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, with a little rain, and then cold again… so really, bring layers, and a raincoat. :) I hope this helps! Have fun in Iceland!

  • Reply Carla McLeod 25 septembre 2016 at 20 h 17 min

    Hello…what, exactly, is a soft shell…a jacket? Not a raincoat?…planning our first trip to Iceland on return from Europe…we’re a “young couple in our 60’s

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 25 septembre 2016 at 21 h 06 min

      Hi! A soft shell in a mix between a raincoat and a fleece jacket. It’s more breathable and flexible, but a little less water resistant. It’s good to keep you warm if you move, and dry under a little rain, but it will be inefficient under a shower. I prefer soft shell to raincoat because I just cannot breath at all with a raincoat. I hope it’s more clear. :) Have a great trip!

  • Reply Atravelbug 4 mai 2017 at 20 h 52 min

    I was wondering, if you would consider a week enough to a little bit of Iceland, to have a good overview? Also, would you be able to tell how much is a car rental for a week and moreless the cost of petrol? I am women traveling alone who’s trying to find the cheapest way to travel, while being to see the most of Iceland.

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 5 mai 2017 at 20 h 31 min

      Hi! For only a week, I would stay in Reykjavik and visit the Golden Circle. I can’t tell the cost of a car, but I know SAD car has some deals. Good luck with your travel! Iceland is super safe for a woman traveling alone, so no need to worry. :)

  • Reply Pamela 15 mai 2017 at 18 h 37 min

    We are going to Iceland June 19 for two weeks then on to Sweden then Portugal. Packing is going to be a challenge. But your list helps. My question is did you bring cash( local currency) with you or can you use credit cards and bank machines. We are from Canada. Thanks!

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 16 mai 2017 at 17 h 14 min

      Hi Pamela! I visited Iceland and Portugal and didn’t have any trouble using credit card and bank machines. I always carry a very limited amount of money in case my cards stop working, but otherwise I always pay with credit cards. Happy travel! :)

  • Reply Becky 8 juin 2017 at 7 h 19 min

    Thanks really useful, just trying to pack now and this has given me a few ideas for things I had forgotten! Did you take much food with you, I heard it’s really expensive? And how easy is it to buy food on the route?

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 8 juin 2017 at 12 h 46 min

      I’m so happy to hear that! I hope you’ll have a great trip! It is right that food is expensive, and I would suggest buy food in grocery stores and cook it yourself. Restaurants will really ruin your budget. It’s easy to find groceries on the road. If you think you are gonna cook, I think bringing some dried dishes is a good idea.