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I Saw Puffins in Montreal… and That’s Why I’m Going to Rio

I’m gonna tell you another love story…involving puffins.

Why is there always animal involved in my love stories!?

In Iceland, I passed an incredible amount of time chasing puffins. Ask Claude, my travel partner, how many kilometers I made her walked to see the famous birds. She was desperate with my obsession to see puffins. We climbed hills, we took ferries, we flirted with cliffs… there was no puffins.

I started to think the emblematic bird of Iceland was like our emblematic moose in Canada and that I would never see it. Seriously, fellow Canadians, who of you often see moose, uh? Yeah. Exactly. No one! …Or maybe it’s my face that scared puffins and moose.

So, I passed 14 days in Iceland chasing puffins everywhere my Lonely Planet told me there could be some, and I came back to Canada without the glorious picture. I must admit I didn’t take part in any Puffin Observation Tours. I wanted it to be unexpected.

Puffin hiding in flowers

Picture by naggobot (Creative Commons)

Last summer, a Brazilian friend I’ve met on Couch Surfing made me the surprise to come to Montreal. And as a very good host, I walked him around town and showed him some interesting spots. It was so beautiful to see him amazed by what was common for me: the fact we don’t have fences in front of our apartments, our food, our maple trees everywhere in parks. He smelled the bark to see if it smelled like sugar! How cute!

The last day of his visit, he wanted to go to Montreal Biodôme and I decided to go with him. I live in Montreal for a very long time now, but I was a kid the last time I went there!

And you know what I saw there?


Yup. There’s a whole lot of puffins just ten blocks from my place. I didn’t know because sometimes, we just forget to look around the place we live and we just think about what’s everywhere else.

Puffins flying

Picture by Sergii (Creative Commons)

My Brazilian friend who made me realize that lives in Rio, but he doesn’t quite like it. He wish he’d live somewhere else.

Well, in less than a month, I’ll go to Rio, and I’m gonna find him some puffins!…kind of.

Let’s spread love for our home town! Pew Pew Pew!

Beautiful puffin picture at the top by nigel_appelton (Creative Commons) 

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