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20 Ways to Write a Creative Travel Journal

No matter where we are, there are always interesting things to write about, and that is even more true when we are travelling.

To avoid the boring ”I’ve been there and I’ve done that…” I give you 20 ways to boost your creativity while writing your travel journal.

How to Write a Creative Travel Journal

1. Use your 5 senses. Write what you see, smell, feel, hear and taste at this moment.

2. Describe the sidewalk (Have you ever notice they are very different from a country to another?).

3. Go to a public place, close your eyes and write pieces of conversations. If it’s not a language your understand, try to write sounds.

4. Note the names of the streets where you walk.

5. Document what people wear.

How to Write A Creative Travel Journal - Use Your 5 Senses

Picture from Unsplash

6. Collect 5 pieces of paper you find on the ground and put it into your journal.

7. Do a vox pop with local. Ask them a simple question and note their answers.

8. Write a short story about the secret life of the stranger sitting beside you.

9. Note what you are missing from home, and what you like from where you are now.

10. Draw 5 new things you tasted.

How to Write a Creative Travel Journal - Write Secret Stories

11. Investigate how this destination makes you feel different about yourself.

12. Go to the most touristic sites and take pictures of people taking pictures. Document their postures.

13. Note everything around you that is blue… or pink… or yellow!

14. Draw a map of a park.

15. Find as many signs as possible that begin with a same letter. Write them down.

The Crowd near Lombard Street, San Francisco

16. Describe your day in only 2 minutes writing as fast as you can (You’ll see what was important).

17. Buy a candy you have never tasted before. Analyse the taste.

18. Write a count of each transport you’ve taken and the color of the seats.

19. Close your eyes. Connect with yourself. Write down the emotion this place makes you feel.

20. Try to find the schedule pattern of the local people. At what time do they eat? When is the siesta? When is tea time?

If you need more ideas, I highly recommend the book How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith. This woman rocks the creativity world!

Looking for original travel journal? Take a look at the notebooks from Society6. They have a large collection of travel themed notebook that you can use to create your original travel journal.

Do you keep a travel journal? What do you like to write in it?

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20 Ideas to Rock Your Travel Journal and Create Awesome Memories. #journal #travel #creativity

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