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14 Days Itinerary in Iceland – Part 1


Since my 14 days road trip in Iceland has been a success, I thought it would be fun to share my complete itinerary so you can use it as an inspiration. There were long days, long drives, some more relaxing days, but each one of these proved that Iceland is one of the most beautiful place on Earth.

Day 1 – Getting there

The first day is generally a ”lost” day, unless you’re a fan of living in a plane. From Montreal to Keflavík, it took about 12 hours, including a stop in New York. We arrived at the airport and just took the Fly bus to go to Reykjavík.

I rent a cute room on AirBnb and we rested to catch on with the jet lag. By the way, Airbnb is way less expensive in Rekjavik than hotel room. You should take a look! (Sign up to Airbnb with this link and get a $25 credit towards your first stay!)

Try to stay awake during the bus ride, the volcanic landscapes worth the look!

Airlines are now offering direct flights to Iceland. I found the best prices on Skyscanner. As low as 99$ if you’re lucky enough to catch a deal with WOW Air!

Day 2 – Reykjavik

We explored the town by foot. Since is very small, it’s easy to go from one spot to another. This country is already expensive enough to not spend a krona for taxis. Plus, I always think walking is the best way to feel the vibe of a town. So, put on your coat and go for a walk!


  • Laugavegur Street
  • Harpa
  • Solfar
  • Hallgrímskirkja
  • Reykjavik City Hall


Photography by Helgi Halldórsson (Creative Commons)

Day 3 – Blue Lagoon

For the rest of the trip, we found the best deal at Kuku Camper for the rental of what would be our home for the next 10 days. I totally recommend this company if you’re thinking of renting a camping car for your trip. This family owned business offers the best price in Iceland. Plus, the staff is really funny and helpful! If you are lucky, you might even have a van with Chuck Norris on it. That’s a big argument.

We hit the road to go to the famous Blue Lagoon. We decide to take to whole day to relax, but you can easily plan a 2 hours stop if you are short on time. After, we came back to spend the night at Reykjavik’s camp site.


Itinerary wise, it’s better to stop by the Blue Lagoon coming from or going to the airport as it’s on the way between Reykjavik.

Total Km for the day: 100km

Total Km: 100km

Day 4 – Golden Circle, Stokkseyri & Hevergerdi

Golden circle is the most popular touristic route in Iceland and includes three major sites:

  • Thingvellir: A historical site, home of the first Icelandic Parliament.
  • Geysir: The geyser which give the names to all others. It propulses water 30 meters in the air every few minutes. It’s the first time I saw the phenomenon and I was really impressed!
  • Gullfoss: In Icelandic, ”foss” means ”waterfall’, and ”gull” means ”gold”. If you have the chance to go there during a sunny day, you might see a rainbow. Yay!


On our way, we stopped by Selfoss, another beautiful waterfall. You’ll see, in Iceland, there are so many waterfalls that they should make a statistic out of it! Like, inhabitants / waterfall.

We had heard great comments about the Ghost Center in Stokkseyri so we were really enthusiastic about it. Well, to be honest, my travel partner was really enthusiastic. I was scared as hell. The concept is a visit with an audioguide (available in multiple languages) in a 24 rooms course.

In room 3, we started to have trouble with our audioguides, so we came back to the entrance to change them. That’s were I chose to abandon. Yes, you read well. I abandoned because I was too scared! It’s terrifying! So, I can’t really comment on the tour, but I certainly can say that if you like to be scared, you will enjoyed it!

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To replace this tour, we went to Icelandic Wonder, a museum of trolls and elves (more my kind of things). Don’t do that. The museum is not well maintained, and, to be honest, it’s really boring in my opinion.

Because we were not really charmed by the campsite in Stokkseyri, we drove back to Hevergerdi for the night. One of the bad fantastic thing for the activities-aholic like me, is that there’s no night in Iceland in June! Yay! Never ending days! This mean you still can do a short trek at 7pm because there’s no chance you’ll be catch by the darkness.

That is exactly what we did, and this short trek in Hevergerdi turns out to be one of our best moment in Iceland. The 3km path starts at the parking at the end of the town and leads you to a warm river. Don’t forget your swimming suit and just follow the path!

Total Km for the day: 230 km

Total Km: 330km

14 days ITINERARY in Iceland

Day 5 – Heimaey & Skogar

We drove to Bakki to take the ferry to Heimaey, the largest Vestmann islands. In 1973, the volcano on the island destroyed a part of the town. Now, you can visit this kind of Pompei where lava as created black field cover with purple flowers.

Back on the ring road, we drove to Skogar and passed the night at our favorite campsite of all Iceland, just at the foot of the Skogafoss.

Total Km for the day: 255 km

Total Km: 585km


Day 6 – Skogar, Vik & Skaftafell

The day started with the visit of the Skogar Museum on old traditional living in Iceland. The best part are the small houses with sod roofs outside, looking like hobbit houses.

I’m always more impressed by nature than museums, and I was certainly impressed when we reached Vik and its black sand beaches. I’ve seen white sand, brown sand, even some kind of pinky sand, but black, that was the first time. This is beautiful!


Driving through creepy and magical looking landscapes we reached Skaftafell National Park just in time to join a Glacier hiking Tour.

If you are curious, I’ve told the entire story in Walking on the Biggest Glacier of Iceland

One of the main attraction of the park is the Svartifoss, a natural waterfall (I told you there were a lot!) that looks like a human creation.

Total Km for the day: 175 km

Total Km: 760km



Day 7 – Jökulsarlon, Höfn & Seydisfjördur

A must-see in Iceland is definitively Jökulsarlon. After being surrounded by green and mountains, it’s quite a shock to arrive at this glacier lake, just beside Route 1. It feels like someone has create a magical winter wonderland. You can buy a tour to explore the lake by boat, but I don’t think it is necessary. You can get amazing views from the shore, just like this one:


Our next stop has been a delicious restaurant in the fishing town of Höfn. We wanted to taste the specialty: a lobster. I must admit I took a lobster in a creamy sauce and it was the most delicious thing I’ve ate during the whole trip.

We ended the day in the colorful village of Seydisfjordur, situated outside the ring road. In the middle of the trip, it’s a good place to relax and enjoy the artistic Café or take a walk.

Total Km for the day: 350 km

Total Km: 1110km


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Any questions on the itinerary? Please ask in the comment below!

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  • Reply Paula Wheeler @ A Travelers Postcard 8 janvier 2015 at 19 h 56 min

    I always check out the ‘ghost’ sites as a curiosity, but honestyly they freak me out too. I’ve come across one presence – well, more of a feeling of a presence… scared the heck out of me (it was at the ‘Old State Pen’ in the gallows). Too bad the troll & elve museum wasn’t better sounds it would be entertaining. Now I know to pass on it when I go to Iceland.

  • Reply Annie Anywhere 8 janvier 2015 at 23 h 02 min

    Oh my god I would have panicked at the Old State Pen!
    For the Ghost Center, it’s not a “haunted house” in the sense of “a place with entities”, it’s decor and actors, but it’s just too terrifying! …or maybe I’m a wimp, which is highly possible too. Ahah!

  • Reply Iñaki Malvido Prada 10 octobre 2015 at 4 h 17 min

    I have a question, is it posible to do this trip during winter without renting a car?

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 10 octobre 2015 at 18 h 30 min

      I don’t think it is possible to do this itinerary in 14 days without a car, during summer or winter. There are buses in Iceland, but they are not so frequent and it will take you a lot more time to go from place to place.

      Also, know that it is cold in Iceland in winter and road can by iced and a little more dangerous. Some roads are closed to bus during the winter.
      Iceland must be beautiful during the winter, but you need to plan you trip differently. :)

  • Reply Adam 9 janvier 2019 at 12 h 05 min

    Hi there!

    This was a good read!! Could I send you my 16-day itinerary to look over to see if I have packed too much in per day? It’s the one thing I really worry about!


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