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Trover – The Travel App You Should Use


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the addiction Trover will create.

Since I’ve discovered this app, I don’t plan a trip without looking at it. Plus, it’s funny, user-friendly, and free! Yay!

What is Trover

Trover is an app and a website for photo sharing. ”Yeah, like Instagram?”, I hear you say. Well, it has some similarities, but what is fantastic about it is that it’s only about places! No nails pictures. No cat pictures. As their tagline says, only ”The Best of Everywhere”.

Here’s what my profile page look like:


How does Trover work

Users create a profile and post “Discoveries”. All discoveries are geotagged on a Map and accompany by a description or advice about the place. The goal is to show places to other travelers and make sure they enjoy it.

Why is it great

For many reasons!

1. You can see what is located nearby

With the app, you can see what pictures other users have posted and the distance from you. This is very useful when you are in a new town looking for places to explore.


2. Every picture is located on a map

If you try to upload a picture and the place is not already listed in Trover, a map will automatically appear. The site really focus on showing where the pictures were taken.



3. You can make lists

You can classify pictures you like into different lists. Personally, I browse pictures from the next country I’m going and then save everything I find pretty or interesting into a new list. So, when comes the time of planning, I can include these places to my itinerary.

As you can see, I’m new to the lists concept, but by far, I find it very useful planning my next trip to Rio de Janeiro.


You can also choose to follow a list made by another user.

4. The search function is well-done

When you make a research, the engine show you the nearest place first, but also shows you other places around, sort by distance. This is very useful when you want to explore an area, or you’re looking to spend a day in a neighborhood.

Come and take a look at Trover. You can also follow me.

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