What to do at Montreal Nuit Blanche 2015
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What to do at Montreal Nuit Blanche 2015


I’m a huge fan of Montreal Nuit Blanche and I go to the event since at least 6 years! Normally, I focus on doing edgy activities but, this year, I planed my itinerary a bit differently.

Here’s what to do for a world tour at Montreal Nuit Blanche on February 28, 2015:

Canicule Tropicale – Africa, South America, Caribbean

A night of dancing on vintage African, South American and Caribbean music from 1950 to 1980, with two DJs.

Argentina Tango Night – Argentina

An introduction to the basics with experienced teachers!  *No winter boots on the dance floor! Okay? 

Tango Photo by Maria Rosaria Sannino (Creative Commons)

Tango in the night – Argentina

Another chance to try tango! Free trial classes at 9 p.m., 10:30 p.m. and midnight. Dance demonstrations at 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. *No winter boots on the dance floor I said! :)

Libertango – Argentina

A Tango show with live violin and two dancers to show you the beauty of this dance.

…Yeah, there’s a lot of Tango during Nuit Blanche! Is Montreal the new Buenos Aires and nobody told me?

Forro, Joy and Happiness for all – Brazil

Discover Forró music and dance, a social dance that can be languorous, rhythmic or even acrobatic.

For people following my blog, I’ll try this dance in Rio very soon. Woot!

Soirée canadienne – Canada

Reading of extracts from old books, video projections and traditional music.

Oktopus presents Zizanuit Klezmer – East Europe

Celebrate the winter on Balkan, Klezmorim and Gypsy music, with a special touch of Quebecois!

 Indonesia by Night – Indonesia

Exotic cuisine from Indonesia and free spice classes, while witnessing the grandeur of traditional Balinese dancing all night long.


Photo by Jose Javier Martin Esparto (Creative Commons)

Ireland & Bluegrass – Ireland

Spend your Nuit blanche digging into bluegrass with bluesman Dan Livingston and bluegrass ensemble Notre Dame de Grass.

Roots – Latin America

Audiovisual presentations, painting, photography, sculpture, concerts, theater and dance to show you the culture of Latin America.

Sacred-Secular: Samy Elmaghribi – Morroco

Life and work of the late Samy Elmaghribi, Moroccan pop singer and Montreal hazzan. The installation features digital cartography, oral history, live musical performances and a reimagined Moroccan pastry.

Henna Tattoos – Morroco

Decorate your body with some beautiful patterns and remember your Nuit Blanche for several days! Moroccan tea will be served while you wait.
Henna Tattoo

Belly Dancing – Middle East

After watching a demonstration of basic belly dancing moves, it’s your turn!

(I’m wondering if we try it with or without our winter suit. I’d say let’s keep it for some weirdness!) 

Bar Porto Cabral – Portugal

Various porto tasting on the outdoor site of Montréal en Lumières.

I’m so a fan of porto since my last trip to Portugal! I only wish they’d have Ginjinha to complete the Portuguese drinks tasting. Yummy!

House of Switzerland – Switzerland

Swiss is in the spotlight for this year’s Nuit Blanche. Discover all its splendor in a special pavilion.

S.O.S Fondue – Switzerland

To bring some warmth to your night, enjoy a cheese fondue served in a bread bowl.

Switzerland in Photos – Switzerland

Photo exhibition focusing on the Alps.

Just wow.


Photo by Sami Uskela (Creative Commons)

Broadway Café – United States

It’s your chance to sing a Broadway song accompanied by a professional pianist. I am so gonna sing All that Jazz!

Photo at the top of the post by Matias Garabedian (Creative Commons.)

What’s your plan for Montreal Nuit Blanche? 

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