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Athens Insiders Tour: Uncover the Hidden Stories of the City

I told her I thought she was courageous to have built her own company with her partners.  She answered: “What else do you want to do when the unemployment rate in your country is 25%…” I met Natalie, the co-founder of Athens Insiders, at the Monastiraki Square after our day of exploration. My boyfriend and I decided to visit the Acropolis and the Arch of Hadrian by ourselves during the day, and we were kind of saturated by historical facts when we met up with Natalie. Specialized in tailor-made experiences, she asked us what we wanted to do. “Anything but historical sites. We want to see the modern Athens, and we love street art!”, we said. We were in good hands to discover the city like locals with Athens Insiders. Monastriaki Flea Market With its piles of colourful chairs, antiques and bizarre wicker motorcycles, Monastiraki flea market was lively. People didn’t seem to mind the rainy day and walked around at a fast pace. It was a good starting point for our walking tour around Athens’ neighbourhoods. We followed Natalie through the streets and she soon stopped to buy a koulouri. Half-way between a bagel and a pretzel, koulouris can be found anywhere […]

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Magritte Museum in Brussels – My Prince Charming Wore a Derby Hat

I wanted to meet him since High School. Unfortunately, he died in 1967, which makes the date a little complicated. I had to choose an artist to copy in art class. Yes, you read that right, the teacher asked us to copy for 40% of our finale grade. So, looking in books to find the perfect artist to copy (because I wasn’t enough masochist to choose Monet, yet not lazy enough to choose Pollock), my eyes stopped on a man wearing a derby hat. René Magritte had caught my attention and he kept it since that time. Confusing me by telling a pipe was not a pipe, I couldn’t help but research a little more about this surrealist artist. It turns out that this pipe wasn’t a pipe, because it was only the representation of it. It is only what we see. What a fantastic way of thinking! Then, I wasn’t the teenager people saw, because that was maybe only the representation of me. I was free to be myself. Fast forward more than ten years later, there I was, in Brussels. No need to say that a visit to Magritte Museum was non-negotiable. Visiting the different floors, you’ll discover the painter’s evolution. I highly suggest you take the audio […]

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Vayable: The AirBnB for Tours
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Vayable: An “AirBnB” for Tours

We all know AirbnB is great because it mix lodgings and meeting local people. Now, Vayable presents the same concept, but for tours: Take a tour, with a local! Tadaaa! Isn’t it great? What’s Vayable? It’s a website to book tours and experiences with local people. You choose where you want to go, and you’ll have access to offers made by insiders who want to make you discover their home town, in their own way. It’s perfect if you want to go off the beaten path and discover some hidden gems. Near San Francisco, there’s some unique tours such as doing light graffiti, taking a walk to explore street art, … or hunting mushrooms (because why not). Not finding what you are looking for? No problem! What’s great with Vayable is that you can request a customized experience based on specific thing you want to discover. There’s more than 5000 insiders ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for in their town. For this service, the price starts at 49$ per day of the itinerary. Pretty accessible if you’re thinking of a one-day tour you’ve dreamed of! Hey! I could show my town too! Yes you can! If you’re in love with […]

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Trover – The Travel App You Should Use

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the addiction Trover will create. Since I’ve discovered this app, I don’t plan a trip without looking at it. Plus, it’s funny, user-friendly, and free! Yay! What is Trover Trover is an app and a website for photo sharing. ”Yeah, like Instagram?”, I hear you say. Well, it has some similarities, but what is fantastic about it is that it’s only about places! No nails pictures. No cat pictures. As their tagline says, only ”The Best of Everywhere”. Here’s what my profile page look like: How does Trover work Users create a profile and post “Discoveries”. All discoveries are geotagged on a Map and accompany by a description or advice about the place. The goal is to show places to other travelers and make sure they enjoy it. Why is it great For many reasons! 1. You can see what is located nearby With the app, you can see what pictures other users have posted and the distance from you. This is very useful when you are in a new town looking for places to explore. 2. Every picture is located on a map If you try to upload a picture and the place is not already […]

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