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Why You Need to Visit Óbidos in Portugal

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The ultimate reason to visit Obidos in Portugal is just because it’s adorable. This small village is build within castle walls, and going there is like a time-travel in middle ages.

Going there from the train station is a good walk (I wish I had a horse) but the view of the castle at the top of the hill is magical and it just motivated me to keep walking to discover what was inside.

On your way between Lisbon and Porto, you may want to skip the stop to Obidos, but please, please don’t! It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a good meal, and take a break.

Walking near Obidos in Portugal, once of the cutest small villages.

Castle Walls

First, it is a very small town so you can do everything by foot. Stop by the Tourist Office before entering the main entrance to get the map of the Historical Center. You can also find one online.

I’d recommend to start by walking on the castle walls to have a general view of the town and surrounding landscapes. It’s only a 1,5k walk, but watch your steps as there’s no fence to prevent falls. …it’s not dangerous, but just don’t look at your phone while walking, you know.

Unfortunately, you cannot visit the inside of the castle because it’s a hotel now. …unless you want to book a (expensive) night there, which I don’t recommend.

Instead, take a look at Hotels in Obidos to find the best deals!

New meets Old in Obidos. You can see cars parked in front of the castle.

Views from castle wall in Obidos, Portugal

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Lonely Planet PortugalI always travel with a guidebook to help me plan my trip in advance, and find useful informations of the road. For this trip, I traveled with the Lonely Planet Discover Portugal and it was full of useful information. If you’re looking for a guide, that one cover all the regions.





Typical streets, without cars

Cars are prohibited in Obidos, except for delivery, so it’s perfect to explore typical streets and discover flowery back alleys.

Obidos Back Alley, with white and blue walls and pink flowers.

Praca de Santa Maria in Obidos, Portugal


Obidos Village in Portugal

Drink Ginjinha!

The ultimate reason to visit Obidos is clearly to drink Ginjinha! If you don’t know it already, it’s the second most popular alcoholic drink in Portugal after Porto. It’s made infusing sour cherries in alcohol and sugar. To complete it, it’s served in a chocolate cup. Nom nom nommm!

On the main street, you’ll find an uncountable number of shops selling it directly on the street. Generally, it’s 1€ for one shooter. …that mean that you can drink a lot! But beware, the liqueur has still 20% Alcohol. « But it tastes like cherry! » is not a good argument. I learned it the hard way.

Main Street of Obidos in Portugal, with cafes, shops and hotels

Ginjinha: the famous cherry alcohol from Obidos, Portugal

You can easily find it in Lisbon, if you don’t plan on exploring the whole country, but the best place to taste Ginjinha it is in Óbidos, because it’s made there.

Mercado Medieval de Obidos

Bonus point if you go to Obidos in August, you’ll be there for one of the biggest medieval fest in Europe: the Mercado Medieval de Obidos. I missed it, but tell me if you go, I’m very curious! No need to say that if you plan on going, booking in advance is mandatory.

Mercado Medieval de Obidos, Portugal

Not the actual festival, because I wasn’t there. Picture from Unsplash.

Do you plan on going to Obidos next time you’ll be in Portugal? Please tell me how the Medieval Fest was… or if you drink too much Ginjinha!

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Why You need to visit Obidos, a small village in Portugal. A Must-see on your next trip to Portugal. Click to know more!

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  • Reply Cristina Landi 17 février 2015 at 18 h 04 min

    It is a cute town!! We are planning a trip to Portugal this year, we haven’t decided when yet because it depends on my husband’s vacation from work!, but I’ m loving your Portugal posts! They will help me a lot!

  • Reply Jolanta aka Casual Traveler 2 avril 2015 at 10 h 26 min

    Your post now makes me sorry we didn’t stop in Obidos on our way to the monasteries trip. Looks like a really cute town! Maybe next time.

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 2 avril 2015 at 11 h 17 min

      I admit it was a bit of a detour, but I’m glad we stopped by. Next time!

  • Reply Thomas Stewart 16 avril 2016 at 15 h 07 min

    Merci Annie pour l’information sur Obidos. Nous planifions un petit séjour en Portugal et Obidos nous paraît très intéressant!

    Your blog is great. Keep travelling. :).

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 16 avril 2016 at 23 h 57 min

      Super! Si vous avez le temps, c’est très chouette!

  • Reply Viajar, Crescer e Amar Blog 16 août 2017 at 11 h 41 min

    Hello! We are Ana & Ivan, portuguese and loved the topic!
    Óbidos is such a magical place and the mediaval fair is super funny, especially if you (like us) get 100% into the mood and disguise with mediaval cloths, etc… you shall try!


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