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9 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Go to Tomar Right Now

Wow, I’m busy preparing my trip to Rio in about a month! It is so hard to keep up with blogging during those time. So, here’s a quick photo essay of one of the most beautiful place I’ve seen in Portugal: Covento de Cristo in Tomar.

Half way between Lisbon and Porto, Tomar is a small village, but with a beautiful historical site. I let you take a look…

WARNING! Spoiler Alert!!! 

Book your flight to Portugal and run to Tomar right now. Covento de Cristo is one of the most beautiful place I've seen. #Portugal #Travel #Tomar #Lisbon #Porto #Eurotrip #backpackers

You’ll start to be amazed just walking outside the Covent. Poppies and orange trees offer splash of colors in the landscapes, and the labyrinthinc arrangements will surprise you in every corner.

Outside Covento De Cristo in Tomar, Portugal

Poppies at the Covento de Cristo in Tomar, Portugal

Walking at the Covento Do Cristo, a beautiful site to visit in Tomar, Portugal

View from a window at the Covento De Cristo  Orange Tree at the Covento de Cristo in Tomar

The amount of details in the building is so impressive. You won’t know where to look!

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Details in a door at the Covento de Cristo in Tomar

Details of a door at the Covento de Cristo in Tomar, Portugal

Bench inside the Covento de Cristo in Tomar, Portugal

And my favorite part… the fountain that look just like it has magical powers.

Fontain inside the Covento de Cristo in Tomar, Portugal

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Have you been there? Did you want to steal oranges like me? (I didn’t! …Did you?)

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4 Commentaires

  • Reply Phyllis 30 janvier 2015 at 8 h 04 min

    Looks gorgeous!

  • Reply Jolanta aka Casual Traveler 2 avril 2015 at 10 h 28 min

    Oh, isn’t Convento the Christo just amazing! I absolutely loved it! Which reminds me that I need to finish that post about Tomar and the other two monasteries we visited while we were in Portugal. Thanks for highlighting Portugal. It doesn’t seem to be as popular with tourists as Spain, and it really should, because it’s so pretty.

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 2 avril 2015 at 11 h 18 min

      You are right! It’s not only pretty, it’s also super affordable! We need to promote it with budget travelers.