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Travelling off-season: Do it now

Being born in North America, I’ve lived all my life with the four seasons. They guide me and act like milestones of my evolution. And while I hear people express their hate of winter from the very beginning of autumn until the very end of spring, I cannot help but think that they should be grateful, because snow makes us who we are.

I like how seasons play with us, particularly the little bratty Indian Summer.

It’s the sunny season giving us a second chance. One last time, it calls us to action. ”Have you done all you wanted to do? Have you invited ALL your friends to BBQ? Have you taken the time to lay down on the grass? ‘Cause that’s now or never next year!”

In my opinion, populations who know winters have this special relation with time. Coldness and snow remind us that we should not procrastinate, that now is the good time. Tomorrow everything might be different: lakes might be too cold to swim, snows might be too thin to ski. We better do it now.

I felt this mentality during my road trip in Iceland. This tacit understanding between people of the North. A connexion I never felt before with another culture.

Autumn in Montreal

And while this call to action should incite us to live in the present and do things now, some run so fast they anticipate and don’t take time to enjoy each season. They’re scared, and they shouldn’t.

To tourists coming to Quebec during summer to avoid coldness, I say please, come visit us anytime. You are missing treasures.

Off-seasons are the best seasons. Do not postpone your trip if now is a good time. There are no bad seasons to visit a place. There’s just bad attitude. Plus, when you travel off-seasons, you get to have deals on flights, and less crowded attractions.

Need suggestions? Here are Ten of the world’s best off-season adventures.

On my side, I am dreaming of northern lights in Norway, colourful leaves in Paris, and tropical rains in Costa Rica…

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  • Reply FabioRosado 14 juillet 2016 at 11 h 50 min

    Personally, I love travelling off season. Might be because of my job and the constant contact with the public, sometimes all I want to do is go somewhere far away that doesn’t have too many people. Usually, you can see everything at your own pace, without rushing and bumping elbows with hordes of people.

    Plus, you get cheaper prices offseason so that’s more money for you to spend on your holidays! Win-win! haha

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