Does travelling alone makes you a better traveller?
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How to NOT Quit Your Job, And Travel the World

This week, I’ll travel for the first time alone. Does this mean I deserve the “Real Traveller” badge now? Is there some kind of new world that is unlocked or something?

Being a part of the travel bloggers community now (kind of), I feel more and more pressure to perform, to prove to the world that I am a very special traveller. But I am not. I cannot promise I’ll visit every country in the World, but I’ll try. I am not really enthusiastic about eating insects in some tribes. Seriously, I’d prefer to eat the most common meal. I don’t mind sleeping on a couch, but I sure prefer to sleep in a bed.

And most importantly, I don’t think you have to quit your life to enjoy the world. I need to say it, I’m a little sick of the “How to quit your job and travel the world” thing. If that’s what you want to do, that’s great! But please don’t pretend that people who don’t are missing something or don’t understand what “real life” is. Personally, I like to go just as much as I like to come back.

I like being in a new place where people don’t speak my language, but I like knowing that I have a place to call home somewhere. Does that make me a bad traveller? Does that affect my openness to the World? I don’t think so.

So tonight, just before quitting for Rio, I want to tell you something: Travelling is simple. You can do it for a weekend, or a week. Don’t see it bigger that it is in reality. In fact, it’s just buying a plane ticket and being there on time.

Me taking a picture like a tourist

Me, taking a picture like a tourist in front of a fountain. Because I am a tourist dammit!

I plan on enjoying the moment and taking a break from the computer as I work in an Office and work on the blog all nights too.

I never said I’m gonna leave my smart phone though! Ahah!

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Looking forward to abandon these winter boots for a week!

Annie xx

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2 Commentaires

  • Reply Penny 5 mars 2015 at 8 h 22 min

    Enjoy your trip to Rio! Don’t worry about what other people think and just focus on what makes you happy :)

    I’m not sure when it happened but it does seem that ‘traveller’ is the trendy word and ‘tourist’ is the dirty word – I’d almost go as far as saying a *few* (obviously not everyone) treat it as a form of snobbery.

    I could easily have called my blog ‘traveller’ instead, I opted – deliberately – to call myself a tourist. It was a conscious decision because that’s what I am and I refuse to be ashamed of it :)

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 5 mars 2015 at 8 h 50 min

      Candice Does the World have written a good text about the “shaming” the word tourist too! I agree that when you go to a place for the first time, you’re a tourist! And I refuse too to be ashamed of it! :)