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Best moments of 2014


It is almost mandatory to make a year recap when approaching January 1st. There are so many moments I cherish from 2014 that it is hard to choose. Let’s take a look at the kick-ass moments of this year!

Taking the metro in Lisbon

This one may seem totally insignificant for all of you, but one thing I never told before on this blog is that I’m agoraphobic, and taking the metro is a big thing for me. Before taking it in Lisbon this year, it has been 3 years since I used it! It’s weird when you think that I live in Montreal, where there’s a good metro system.

Arriving in Lisbon, I took a deep breath, and I decided that it was about time. That’s what travels are made for.

2014 has been a year of fear beating!


*This is actually a train in Porto… but same idea / same smile.

Eating blueberries in Montreal

I met my friend from Rio de Janeiro for the first time last summer in Montreal. We were sitting in a Café when the waiter brought blueberries with my cup of coffee. It was the first time Igor ate it, and he was fascinated by the fruit.

I was in the traditional post-trip (little) depression and this moment completely changed my mood. What was boring and usual for me was a discovery for him.

2014 has been a year to learn to look around with different eyes.

Listening to stories of the Pacific Ocean

For a reason I ignore, I always chose travel destination on the Atlantic side. This year, I’ve touched the Pacific Ocean for the first time in California.

I heard that oceans keep the stories of people, and I consider them purifying. This year, I shared my stories with another side of the planet and I brought back inside me a whole new journal to write.


Sleeping in a bus in Carmel

During my road trip in California, I used AirBnB a lot to find my lodgings. Somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I ended up sleeping in a school bus. That was the best night of all my trip. It was comfortable, original, and I could feel the nature around me. I will never say enough how much I love AirBnb.


Running 5K with my mom

I ran my second 5K this year, but this one was special because I made it with my mom. She’s censured years old and she ran her first 5K! She’s a beast! We were wearing red mohawk wigs and doing chicken noise when overruned other people. Because we are chix and that’s what we do! Yeah!


P.S. Mom, your headband is upside down…

Drinking the best porto ever

Yum yum yummmm!!!! I drank an old porto in… Porto. This had nothing to do with any porto I’ve drunk before. (Can I say the word porto just another time? Because, porto.)


Dancing outside at Montreal Swing Riot

Montreal Swing Riot is a dance event that promotes Lindy Hop, good swingin’ jazz and the Montreal street culture. This year, they joined the event with the Village Éphémère, an artistic installation near Jacques-Cartier Bridge. We danced outside, just beside a fake beach and artistic installations. That was beyond awesomeness!


Starting this blog

This has been one of my biggest adventure this year. I never imagined how much work it was to run a blog. Fortunately, through all the work, I found an amazing travellers community full of passionate people who share the goal to make travelling more accessible, fun, and safe.

To all the other travellers out there, the most experienced ones and the new ones, and to all of you, readers, I say thank you to have been a part of my best moments in 2014.

I like you! :)

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