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Jade Seahorse – The Weirdest Hotel in Honduras


As I was planing my trip to Honduras, I ran across an interesting description about eclectic bungalows made out of mysterious findings. Once I took a look at pictures on the net, I decided to derogate my own rules and to take more money in the bank to have the chance to sleep at Jade Seahorse during my stay in Ùtila.

I just can’t resist out of the box art creations!

Who wants to sleep in a bizarre hotel made of trash?

At our arrival on the smallest of the Bay Island, it was hiding behind a colorful wood fence : Nightland. A small world made out of curves, details and surprises. It took the owner and artist Neil Keller 15 years to build the bungalows and sculptures that create the site. Bizarre mosaics and sculptures made of bottles, beads, balls…and plastic bananas.

All this just make me want to build gigantic trashy sand castles!

Hotel in Honduras

Jade Seahorse, an original hotel on Utila

Picture of Jade Seahorse Hotel on Utila, Honduras

Combining original cabins, a restaurant and a bar in the trees (A bar in the trees!!!!) called the Treetanic,  Jade Seahorse made my inner artist and lover of puns feel home.

During our stay, we had the Mono Lisa cabin, a.k.a the blue one, just up the geometrical red stairs that drive you crazy cause you never really know where to put your feet. A comfortable three nights in adorable room with A/C. And god knows we love when ”Adorable” and ”A/C” are put together.

Anybody want to sleep in a pile of trash? That hotel on Utila in Honduras is the weirdest I've ever seen! #hotel #Utila #Honduras #Accommodation #weird

Jade Seahorse, an artistic hotel on Utila, Honduras. The place to stay on the smallest of the Bay Islands. #Honduras #Utila #CentralAmerica #backpackers

Although I had a nice stay at this hotel, I must admit the service was a little less amazing than the presentation. It was difficult to find staff on the site and we lost time to check-in and check-out. Also, a very nice thing when you visit Ùtila is that you can get access to Jade Seahorse’s site when you want to hang out and take pictures. It is great if you don’t want to pay the big price to stay there, but if you did pay it, you don’t have the 5 stars service that should come with it and there’s always strangers around your cabin.

Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing time there, but if you don’t have the bucks to sleep there, you are not missing the main point. Go and take pictures and take a beer (or two) at the bar!

What are the craziest artsy places where you stayed?

Practical Infos

In peak-season, a room cost 90US$ for a night on a week day. Not a all a budget choice, I chose the hotel because of the originality.

You can find all the rates and make a reservation on Jade Seahorse’s website.

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  • Reply Eric 1 octobre 2014 at 14 h 55 min

    When I was planning on my big road trip around south west united states, I came to discover about the earthship, which remind me of that kind of place you are talking about.

    The principle in earthship is pretty simple : everything comes from recycling, starting with in between 500 to 5000 used tires that compose the back wall. I don’t know all details, but i felt the same thing then you when it came to register. Even if the prize was a little bit distrubing, I never regretted to pay for my lodging over there, in the middle of the New Mexico badlands (and you can see from far some mountains that could probably be the end of the Rockies, not sure about it).

    Staying in place like that was refreshing. First for a good rest in a nice bed and most of all, because I could still have faith in humanity to find ways of not destructing, raping and abusing of the planet. It was a small little house, big enough for a family of three, that was not overusing water or energy and could still be nice and cosy. It is a really good rest for your soul, when you do think that our planet deserve better than most of us is asking from her. It was colorful, enjoyable, warmth and there were plants and small lizards all along the south wall.

    That castle made of trash and empty bottle reminds me of that nice spiral column, outside the house, that was so bright and shiny in the sun… reflecting the light and make me wonder if that miracle could stand Quebec or Canada cold temperature.

    Someday soon I hope!

    • Reply Annie Anywhere 1 octobre 2014 at 22 h 44 min

      Thanks for the input! I looked at Earthship’s website and there’s actually one building in Alberta. I like when people use creativity to recycle unexpected objects to build houses and sculptures.

  • Reply KelauKr 8 novembre 2014 at 6 h 17 min

    I really enjoy the blog.Thanks Again. Cool.

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