Let's go!

And it’s a GO!

I’ve read all kinds of travel blogs for a looooong time, getting inspired by the stories of multiple travellers around the world.

From the expats to the newbies. All kinds of Do’s and Dont’s. And COUNTLESS Top 10s.

I cannot deny I’m a travel addict and going outside my country is essential to my mental health.

Stealing information, laughing at misadventures and dreaming of new destinations without ever posting a comment (Please don’t do that to me!), I feel that it is about time I begin to share too. So come on Annie, be a Big Girl and jump into the internet like other people do!

I hope you’ll have a great time reading tiny pieces of my life and that, at some point, I can inspire you to travel more and live a life of happiness and discoveries! (…just that)

Let’s write this blog!

A First Step for Annie Anywhere

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  • Reply Dan 24 septembre 2014 at 2 h 20 min

    nice it’s up. amazing!!

  • Commenter