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First impressions of Rio de Janeiro

It’s been a while since I travelled to South. I don’t know if I was hibernating because of the winter in Montreal, but Rio de Janeiro got me out of my lethargy quite brutally.

Getting out of the plane, the air was so thick I could have eaten it. I didn’t remember what it was to inflict 60 degrees of difference to your body in one day. If I was still hibernating after that, the sight of my good friend Igor at the airport sure fixed that. No tropical climate can beat the warm feeling of seeing a friend abroad that you haven’t seen in a while.

People are right about traffic in Rio de Janeiro, but it doesn’t beat the one in Los Angeles. The only difference is the perpetual honks and the motorcycles and people passing between cars. Rio is noisy, just as you would expect South America to be.

Exploring Rio de Janeiro

Broken building in Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro

It’s a chaotic blend between Portugal and Central America. It’s broken colorful buildings and occasional azuelos. It’s graffiti everywhere and people sleeping on sidewalks. It’s a ton of fruits markets and juice places. Rio smells either fruits or garbage. Fortunately, more often fruits.

Walking on sidewalks is a sport as your eyes want to keep looking for street art, but need to look out for broken tiles.

Street art in Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro

Street Art in Rio de Janeiro

Don’t worry, sidewalks are safe in Ipanema and Copacabana so you can look at the beaches…

On my side, I intend to walk on broken sidewalks, cause for me vacation is to accept chaos.

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Rio de Janeiro - First Impression

Here's what I thought on my first time in Rio de Janeiro. Do you agree? #RiodeJaneiro #Travel #Backpacking #Brazil
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