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Sunset in Los Angles - Photo from Unsplash
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Los Angeles is Disney World on Crack

Let’s hope I won’t be pursued by Disney for this title… To be honest, I hated Los Angeles at first sight. It’s like a trash Disney World wanting you to get addicted to entertainment by pushing lights and sounds in your veins. I wanted to go back home, and this NEVER happens when I’m travelling. Now, more than a month after my return, I think I get something about this town and I even think it had taught me something about self-love and creativity. I think I might even like it (sort of). About feeling inappropriate Los Angeles is chaos. It’s like there is no rule. When we drove through Beverly Hills, I sat in the car in my very ordinary cheap clothes feeling totally inappropriate in the crowd of well-dressed fancy people. Between a golden chrome Lamborghini and a skinny model with a Chanel purse that worth 120 000US$, I felt like it was not my place to be. I mean…120KUS$! What do you put into it? The last baby panda endangered wearing a diamond collar? When we walked on Hollywood Blvd, people were so out-of-the-box that I still felt inappropriate for being so straight. They dressed how they wanted, behaved how they wanted, […]

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