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Vayable: The AirBnB for Tours
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Vayable: An « AirBnB » for Tours

We all know AirbnB is great because it mix lodgings and meeting local people. Now, Vayable presents the same concept, but for tours: Take a tour, with a local! Tadaaa! Isn’t it great? What’s Vayable? It’s a website to book tours and experiences with local people. You choose where you want to go, and you’ll have access to offers made by insiders who want to make you discover their home town, in their own way. It’s perfect if you want to go off the beaten path and discover some hidden gems. Near San Francisco, there’s some unique tours such as doing light graffiti, taking a walk to explore street art, … or hunting mushrooms (because why not). Not finding what you are looking for? No problem! What’s great with Vayable is that you can request a customized experience based on specific thing you want to discover. There’s more than 5000 insiders ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for in their town. For this service, the price starts at 49$ per day of the itinerary. Pretty accessible if you’re thinking of a one-day tour you’ve dreamed of! Hey! I could show my town too! Yes you can! If you’re in love with […]

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How to Survive All Inclusive Resorts – Tips For Adventurers

Okay, first world problem, maybe your idea of « surviving » isn’t related to the thought of an all inclusive resort by the beach. But, for us, adventurous backpackers, the idea to be stuck in a resort can be annoying. While we could venture in the countrt, we feel prisoners of the hotel resort. I hear you say « Why do you go there then »? Well… you know… sometimes, siblings get married and we have to make good impression. Or, there’s an amazing deal and it’s all we can afford. I’m certainly not a fan of resorts, but I know how to survive an all inclusive and make the most out of it. 1. Get informed on the location of the resort If you are lucky, you won’t be too far from the civilization. Before your arrival, get informed on the towns and villages nearby and how to get there. It’s not because you have everything you need (beach, food, alcohol) in the all inclusive that you cannot get out of it and explore. Get information about the local transportation. A good tip? Don’t ask at the information desk, they’ll try to sell you organized activities. Ask the barman, the maid, the lifeguard… they’ll tell you how they […]

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New Travel Blogs to Follow

You know when you are looking for something and google just doesn’t want to show you what you need? Well this can also be very frustrating for new travel bloggers because, sometimes, we know what you are looking for, but we are not in the cool kids so we don’t appear in Google Search. Well, just like in a Hollywood movie, I decided to create a new gang from newbie travel bloggers. We got our Team shirts, our water guns and a puppy as our mascot! So, you better be ready because there’s a new gang in town! Bam! Okay… winter in Montreal makes me watched too many movies… Don’t do like me and, instead, take a look at these 15 New Travel Blogs that you should follow, they’re great! :) 1. Gallop Around The Globe You’re planning a trip to Peru? Kiara is definitely your girl. From the well-known Cusco to small villages, she has a lot to teach you about this country. Passionate traveller, she also writes about Europe and South East Asia. 2. Progression of Happiness Bethany is a 19-year-old full-time student and part-time traveler, and she shares her journey on Progression of Happiness. From a solo backpacking trip through China […]

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How to Achieve Your Travel Goal This Year

I hear a lot of people around me taking this resolution:  »This year, I will travel! » I know how hard it can be to stick to our new year’s resolution (Hello, »losing weight », I’m looking at you)! I also know that everything is possible and that motivation tips can help. I may not be good at not taking a third cookie, but when it comes to planning and being disciplined for a travel goal achievement, I rock the place! Let me help you with this resolution. 1. Stop saying you don’t have money It’s one of the first reasons why people tell they don’t travel as much as they want. But here is the truth: you HAVE enough money, ALL of you. Yes, keeping a budget is a great tool, but you already know that and that’s not what I’m talking about here. One big change I made when I made the commitment to travel more was to change my perception of money. I stopped saying  »I don’t have money », and started saying  »I don’t have money for THIS or for THAT ». This way of perceiving money gives you more power over it. You are the one in charge. YOU decide. Not […]

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Rio de Janeiro: How to stay safe at the beach

Today, I’ve invited someone special on the blog to talk about my next destination: Rio de Janeiro. Last week, a few readers and I had a conversation on Facebook about a big concern regarding a trip to Rio: safety at the beach. As I will travel alone for a part of this trip, and my guide-book couldn’t answer all of my questions, I used my number 1 tip to plan a perfect trip: Ask a local. So, I’m pleased to introduce you to Cristina from My Little Rio Journal! Big round of applause! She kindly accepted to answer all of our questions in a special post, just for us! Aren’t we lucky? Rio de Janeiro – How to Stay Safe at the beach Post by Cristina Landi from My Little Rio Journal   When Annie invited me to write this guest post to reveal some clever advice for travelers coming to Rio about how to enjoy Rio’s beaches safely, I got very excited! Spreading information and smart tips to enjoy a great vacation in Rio, is one of the reasons why I started blogging. I got a little surprised, when talking with her, to know that some travelers just avoid […]

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Guide du débutant pour Airbnb
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Astuces pour avoir la meilleure expérience Airbnb

Je ne m’en cache pas, je suis une fan finie du service Airbnb. C’est LE site numéro un où je cherche mes chambres en préparation d’un voyage. Ayant réservé des chambres et appartements dans plus de 15 villes de 10 pays différents, j’ai cru bon de vous partager mes quelques trucs pour avoir la meilleure expérience possible. Cliquez sur ce lien pour obtenir un crédit de 25$ sur votre première réservation! (Les conditions changent selon l’humeur d’Airbnb…) Je garde d’excellents souvenirs de chacune de mes nuitées et je tiens à vous partager ces infos afin que vous aussi, vous mettiez un peu de côté les hôtels dispendieux pour découvrir cette façon humaine, abordable et amusante de voyager. 1. Envoyez des messages à plusieurs hôtes potentiels Comme n’importe quel site de booking, c’est premier arrivé, premier servi. Afin de vous assurer une place dans la ville de votre choix, je vous conseille de sélectionner plusieurs hôtes potentiels et de leur envoyer un message pour vous présenter, leur poser des questions sur eux et sur la location. Parfois, certains hôtes peuvent prendre 2 jours pour répondre, et si vous n’avez pas envoyé d’autres messages pendant ce temps et que la réponse est négative, vous […]

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5 Tips for a trip to Honduras
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5 Tips for a Trip to Honduras

Back in 2012, I backpacked for the first time of my life in Central America. Here are 5 tips I learned along my way in Honduras. 1. Choose your goals Honduras is a wonderful, underestimated destination. It offers all a traveller can dream of: adventures, cultural sites, and beaches. However, it is a big country and even if the transportation system is functional, it is very slow and often late on the schedule. Do not rely on the time given by Google Map. The reality is quite different. If you have a limited period of time and want to do too much, you will end up loosing TONS of time in transportation. I know, ’cause that’s what I did! I was only one week in Honduras and I decided to go from San Pedro Sula to Copán, to Tela to end up on Ùtila. It’s doable. But you’ll maybe end up at a bus station in an industrial area in a middle of the night begging a taxi driver to bring you to the next town (THAT is explained in another post). 2. Don’t be afraid to ask locals Honduras has a bad reputation when it comes to security. But it is really less […]

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