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Athens Insiders: uncover the hidden stories of the city

I told her I thought she was courageous to have built her own company with her partners.  She answered: « What else do you want to do when the unemployment rate in your country is 25%… » I met Natalie, the co-founder of Athens Insiders, at the Monastiraki Square after our day of exploration. My boyfriend and I decided to visit the Acropolis and the Arch of Hadrian by ourselves during the day, and we were kind of saturated by historical facts when we met up with Natalie. Specialized in tailor-made experiences, she asked us what we wanted to do. « Anything but historical sites. We want to see the Athens of today, and we love street art! », we said. We were in good hands to discover the city like locals. With its piles of colourful chairs, antiques and bizarre wicker motorcycles, Monastiraki’s flea market was lively. People didn’t seem to mind the rainy day and walked around with a fast pace. It was a good starting point for our walk around Athens’ neighbourhoods. We followed Natalie through the streets and she soon stopped to buy koulouri. Half-way between a bagel and a pretzel, koulouris can be found anywhere in Greece. Usually covered with sesame seeds, […]

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