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Story from Antwerpen
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Paying it forward – Story from Antwerp

“So you’re travelling in Belgium. I mean, only in Belgium? You’re not going to Amsterdam or Paris?”, the man asked in French. In the train to Antwerp, this man seemed surprised that we spent our whole vacation in Belgium. Usually, people are just passing through the country going somewhere else. Well, this time, I felt like slow travelling, which means for me to visit a new town everyday, but to stay in a 100km area, and Belgium was the perfect match. Distance in Belgium are ridiculously short when we are used to travelling in Canada. Crossing the country is the same distance than going from Montreal to Quebec city. I understand better now why Europeans are unable to evaluate travelling time appropriately in America. “Let’s go to Montreal and then New York and then Miami, shall we?” As short as it can be, the train ride from Brussels to Antwerp was enough to time travel. Old buildings in Europe have nothing to do with old buildings in Quebec. I always feel like we lie to ourselves when we call something “old” here in Canada. It’s a bit forced, like a kid calling me Mrs. I don’t know if I can qualify Antwerp of […]

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(Havana) How to get money to travel
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How to Save Money to Travel

A lot of you ask me how I afford to travel so much and where do I get all the money. I wish I could tell you that I’m rich or that there’s a magic pill giving you infinite money. But, just like weight loss, there’s no magic pills and, at some point, you just got to do it. A lot of bloggers wrote about their strategies to save money to travel. I’ll add mine to the list and I hope this can help you make the move and travel more! Let’s start with my “whoo-hoo” tricks and then go to some practical stuffs. My philosophy: Experience > Possession After a lot of deception and questioning about the meaning of my life, I realized that my happiness comes from the experience I live and not from the things I own. I used to spend a lot of money buying clothes I didn’t need, decorating my apartment, and then finding myself at home, well-dressed, in a very cute decor… doing nothing. I realized that everything I owned made my life boring, so I changed my way of spending money. I now make the choice to buy less and focus on learning new […]

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