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5 Tips for a trip to Honduras
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5 Tips for a Trip to Honduras

Back in 2012, I backpacked for the first time of my life in Central America. Here are 5 tips I learned along my way in Honduras. 1. Choose your goals Honduras is a wonderful, underestimated destination. It offers all a traveller can dream of: adventures, cultural sites, and beaches. However, it is a big country and even if the transportation system is functional, it is very slow and often late on the schedule. Do not rely on the time given by Google Map. The reality is quite different. If you have a limited period of time and want to do too much, you will end up loosing TONS of time in transportation. I know, ’cause that’s what I did! I was only one week in Honduras and I decided to go from San Pedro Sula to Copán, to Tela to end up on Ùtila. It’s doable. But you’ll maybe end up at a bus station in an industrial area in a middle of the night begging a taxi driver to bring you to the next town (THAT is explained in another post). 2. Don’t be afraid to ask locals Honduras has a bad reputation when it comes to security. But it is really less […]

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