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Why We Had a Terrible Day at Yosemite

We passed the night in Berkeley before heading to Yosemite National Park and we had to drive 3 hours and a half to go there. And we all know that being up at 5am announce either a very wonderful day… or a terrible, horrible one. A day that begins at 5am cannot just be average. So after inhaling our McBreakfast (Yes, we ate it so fast that I think it was pretty much inhaling), we drive our rental car to Yosemite. We were not sure that it was a good idea. The initial road trip was to just go from San Francisco to Los Angeles by Highway 1, like normal people do. But we wanted to see it all, ALL California! Which we didn’t anyway. The Plan 1. Three hours and a half drive from Berkeley to Yosemite. 2. Half the hike to Glacier Point (there’s a bus so you can be lazy and do just half of this 8 hours trek). 3. Take an amazing dinner outside the park talking about how in good shape we are. 4.  Relax in our room in Mariposa. We failed all those 4 steps. First, I don’t know why I still trust the time given by […]

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