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My 5 Favorite Things About Lisbon

It’s the first time I talk about Portugal! Yay! I like to introduce a new destination on my blog, and what better way to do it than to tell you what I loved about the capital: Lisbon. Normally, I don’t say that you have to absolutely see the capital when visiting a new country, but in this case, Lisbon is so adorable that it’s a must-see, and I’ll tell you my 5 favorite things about this city. 1. The back alleys The number one advice I got before going to Lisbon was to check out the back alleys and I’ll give you the exact same advice. The back alleys are where you can feel the citizen vibe, see the typical hanging clothes and watch kids running. Memories hid in the back alleys. Tips : Even if I never felt insecure during my trip in Portugal, I would suggest you walk down the alleys by day. Not only will it be more secure, but it will also be more alive. 2. Lisbon is so colorful Colorful places give me energy and make me want to create. I sure felt creative in Lisbon where every building has in own ceramic color that creates a rainbow with […]

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