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Honduras – Exploring the Mangrove in Kayak

Each time I plan a trip I tell myself ”This time, I won’t plan too much so I won’t put myself in stressful situation. I don’t need to see EVERYTHING, I just need to enjoy and seize the day”. But reading about the destination and all the amazing places to see, I always reach the point of ”Who needs to eat and sleep anyway?!” Yep. In 5 Tips for a Trip to Honduras, I promised to tell you the story of why I had to beg a taxi driver in the middle of the night. Well, I ended this story in a kayak… I was with my travel buddy and we had planned to go from Copán to Tela. That was simple: one bus from Copán to San Pedro Sula, and another to go to Tela, a child could do that (I don’t have child). We woke up early in our 10$ hotel room to be sure to get the first bus and we said goodbye to the colourful Copán village. The first bus we had to take was coming from Guatemala, which is very close to Copán, but the thing is that it was very late (much more than the usual lateness of bus in Honduras). After […]

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